A False Confession

A False Confession, 잘못된 고백
Genres: , , , , , Status: Ongoing Released: 2019 Author: Koo Ara [Add, ] Type: Manhwa Serialization: KakaoPage (Kakao) Posted On: Updated On:

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I confessed. I couldn't do it while sober so I took a shot of liquid courage.

“I like you.”


“I just like everything about you.”

“… I don't understand.”

Something's strange. His voice is deeper, his height slightly different, and his physique even more so. In fact, after a closer look, even the hair colour that reflected the moonlight—this is crazy. It’s someone else. It's none other than Duke Cabel Willard who's known as the 'Grim Reaper' of the battlefields.


“… Excuse me?”

“From now on, don't refer to me by any strange titles. Cal…

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Chapter A False Confession