Flag Capture in the First Move

An Ideal Response to Little Devil-Type Girls, An MC Who Recklessly Opened the Not Supposed to be Opened Osananajimi Route, Friendly Appeal MC vs Clumsy Kuudere, Honest-Considerate MC vs Shy Senior, Honest-Considerate MC vs. Club Junior, I'm Fine Even if She's a Little Bit Yandere, I Just Wanna Be Popular, I'm OK Even if She's a Yandere, It's You (Suzumoto Kou), MC That Flips Out In Conversations VS Crude Girl, Meeting an Onee-san After a Few Years vs. Honest Guy, Mou Karui Yandere de Ii kara Mote Taiwa, Omaejan, Perfect Communication Senpai vs. High-Maintenance, Talkative and Awkward Kouhai, Striking Delinquent, Strong-Pressuring MC vs. Strong-Willed Class Rep, Super-template Tsundere Girl vs MC with Anti-Tsundere Measures
Flag Capture in the First Move

cerita pendek komedi romance

Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2020
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